• Rozwiązania z zakresu IT
  • Tworzenie innowacyjnych technologii w oparciu o projekty B+R
  • Projektowanie, konstruowanie i sprzedaż maszyn i urządzeń
  • Usługi z zakresu ochrony własności intelektualnej

About Company

Bring it to Europe Adam Świerczyński (BitE) was established as a unit whose main purpose is research, creation, development and implementation of innovations, technical solutions and technologies in the area of:

  • energy
  • bioscience
  • IT
  • environmental protection
  • health
  • agriculture
  • mining
  • others

The above scope does not exhaust the resources and capabilities of BitE as the intellectual and technological potential of the Company allows for the creation of innovative solutions, responding to market demand and new trends, based on teams of specialists from the world of science and industry.

We also invite you to cooperate in other areas of technical and technological demand.




The services offered by Bring it to Europe include: teaming up business, scientific, research and development units, dealing with the protection of intellectual property, executive, production, consulting and technological units, mainly related to research, development and implementation activities, and giving opinions on the selection, licensing and purchase of innovative solutions, including inventions (patents for inventions). BitE mediation service is supposed to contribute to the development of cooperation, effective dialogue and exchange of knowledge between the above-mentioned units at each stage of their cooperation chosen by the Parties.

The company has its own network of contacts. We invite you to cooperate with us. CONTACT.

The company conducts R&D activities in various areas, based on individual teams appointed for each project which include: creators from industry, scientists and specialists, in cooperation with scientific, research and industrial units.
We are currently working in the field of energy, bioscience, IT, and agriculture.


  • production, distribution and sale of innovative products and services in Poland and abroad
  • training, consulting and services in the field of intellectual property protection
  • design, construction and sale of machines and devices
  • 3D scanning
  • energy efficiency audits
  • advisory services and training in the energy, heating, and renewable energy sectors.
O Firmie



Bring it to Europe
Adam Świerczyński
 Francuska 35 street
40-027 Katowice, Poland

phone: +48 696 014 225
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TAX ID: 6431679821
REGON: 387372925